You can share my services to include person’s waiting for medical procedures both up to 180 days before or after hospital stays.With the situation of health care both from accidents and illness, where a person is unable to keep up with simple care around the home, many are seeking the service of a provider who can assist in these functions.

Wait time and post surgery are just examples of the problems many who are unable to help themselves with home care like a tap repaired, high level dusting and other common house hold repairs.

Waiting times should not make your weekly home care be a constant concern.My service is especially for those with mobility and restricted access concerns for living at home with a limitation. Whether it is from a recent accident or a permanent situation, please call me so we can discuss how I can enable your living to continue, while you live at home or while your away for care attention and support in other locations. I will refer your general work needs to our island professional, yet I want to share the role and work which many have difficulty finding work projects where I can be of service to enable your peace of mind.

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