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Even during a routine absence of a few weeks, my own property was left with minor concerns to be attended during my short absence. Many casual or infrequent occupied properties are being left without physical checkup for damage from nature, or do not get simple maintenance inspections for the owner to address concerns. Until recently this model of service was unavailable for resident owners who have recreation properties in the Vancouver Island & Southern Gulf Island area. From opening your property for the few weeks, for seasonal reasons, or interim guest who want to come for short time,

Our Story

I will ensure your recreational or seasonal residence is show room ready. You decide to list or make that property a cost effective, income venture, yet you do not want to spending time be on BC Ferries all day, now you have an option. Keeping that investment show ready, for casual purposes, or giving access to a true friend, my service is a strong element of your needs for just open and ready.
I provide such details as yard debris clearing, gutter and eaves down spouts opening, indoor & exterior window washing, and decking surface removal of algae and debris. With that peace of mind from season to season, your assured that your investments are property managed. I can also allow your guests and friends to arrive on your site with fresh appearance, like the clean appliances, wood stacking, and even a warm inside personal fresh welcome touch. Then once they are departed the home and grounds are secure. This also provides for utilities are recorded for income taxation purposes. We can even pick you up for all ferries arrival and departure, at the terminal, so now walking on and off are options you can use.
You are invited to send me an email for a full proposal with just a few lines to tell me what you want made ready for the next visit or visitors to be welcome onto Mayne Island adventures and experiences. Rates are $45.00 per three hour work interval.



Founder  & Owner 

My service is open from 7 am until late evenings every day of the year, so when you need to get assistance, one call and we are available to you.  ronm.weeks@gmail.com or 250 857 5321

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